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    Stilman Research offers its clients quality and dedicated service in the field of probate research and genealogy, whether they are holders of unclaimed assets or their rightful owners. We advocate for those sums or assets that for different reasons remain unclaimed so that they get back to their rightful owners, as it should be.
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    Our company is devoted to tracing the rightful owners of assets of which they are evidently unaware. If we have contacted you it is because according to our research and to our best knowledge and belief, you are entitled to economic rights you ignore.
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    Do you need to contact the rightful owner of unclaimed assets? Contacting us is the first step in the right direction.
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  • Dormant accounts

    The legal definition as to what is to be deemed a dormant, unclaimed or inactive bank account varies according to each jurisdiction, even with countries lacking specific regulation on the issue. The main feature of these assets is that they lingered for a long time without action or notice from its owner and the Bank has lost contact with that owner or his or her heirs.
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Many kinds of familiar, historical and migratory circumstances may lead to having a right to real estate not being aware of it, be as a sole owner or as a joint owner. Since the times of the Romans, the right of property over real estate is deemed “perpetual”, meaning by this that it is not extinguished by the passing of time, even though the real estate remains unused or apparently abandoned. It may happen that somebody occupies the land and, if his possession persists over a set period of time defined by the law, may acquire the right to the property by means of adverse possession. However, if nobody occupies the land, or who does so does not fulfill the requirements for adverse possession, the property remains for the owner or his or her successors. Due to the legal principle according to which the right to real property is perpetual, real estate may remain for an indefinite period of time at the disposal of the owner, his successors or even the successors of the latter.


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