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    Stilman Research offers its clients quality and dedicated service in the field of probate research and genealogy, whether they are holders of unclaimed assets or their rightful owners. We advocate for those sums or assets that for different reasons remain unclaimed so that they get back to their rightful owners, as it should be.
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  • Have we contacted you?

    Our company is devoted to tracing the rightful owners of assets of which they are evidently unaware. If we have contacted you it is because according to our research and to our best knowledge and belief, you are entitled to economic rights you ignore.
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  • Tracing Beneficiaries

    Do you need to contact the rightful owner of unclaimed assets? Contacting us is the first step in the right direction.
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  • Dormant accounts

    The legal definition as to what is to be deemed a dormant, unclaimed or inactive bank account varies according to each jurisdiction, even with countries lacking specific regulation on the issue. The main feature of these assets is that they lingered for a long time without action or notice from its owner and the Bank has lost contact with that owner or his or her heirs.
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A. General Questions

What does Stilman Research do?
Stilman Research is devoted to tracing people that for diverse circumstances have assets in their favor and are unaware of, and have, therefore, not claimed them. Then, together with the beneficiary and the appropriate legal counsel when needed, we put in motion all the necessary steps to collect those assets. Many testamentary successions, dormant bank accounts, stocks and bonds, as well as insurance compensations remain abandoned because the rightful beneficiaries are not found. Since 1999, our team has been notifying people about money, properties and other assets, about which they had no idea. Thanks to our work, thousands and thousands of Dollars have reached their surprised owners. These assets that would otherwise have remained abandoned and consequently, lost for their owners.
What is Unclaimed Property?
Among the several definitions that laws of different jurisdictions provide, the one contained in the Civil Code of California is probably the best of all. According to it:
"Unclaimed property, unless specifically qualified, means all property (1) which is unclaimed, abandoned, escheated, permanently escheated, or distributed to the state, or (2) which, under any provision of law, will become unclaimed, abandoned, escheated,
permanently escheated, or distributed to the state, or (3) to the possession of which the state is or will become entitled, if not claimed by the person or persons entitled thereto within the time allowed by law, whether or not there has been a judicial
determination that such property is unclaimed, abandoned, escheated, permanently escheated, or distributed to the state".
How do you get involved in the cases?
Probate courts, lawyers, bank managers, insurance companies, and our international net of investigators may refer cases to us. We also handle cases on our own initiative.

B. Beneficiaries

Why did you contact me?
From our research, we find that according to our best knowledge and belief, you are the beneficiary (or one of the beneficiaries) of assets that at the moment are evidently unknown to their rightful owners. It is possible that one of our clients has requested us to find you or that we, on our part, may have known about these assets. . It is our intention that you prove your rights and get the assets in question, without incurring in any expenses or disbursements, since our fee proposal is based exclusively on results.
How did you find me?
Stilman Research specializes in searching persons to let them know about rights in their favor. We have many resources and specific knowledge that help us trace the people we are looking for. In consequence, we have the capability of successfully finding the people we are looking for in record time, even in cases were others have failed. In all, we have great experience in tracing legal beneficiaries all over the world and in helping them to get their abandoned assets or estates, to which they have a right.
Why wasn’t I found directly by the manager or holder of the assets?
There are situations where despite all efforts; holders are unable to find the beneficiaries, since they are not professionals. There are, also, many cases where nobody has any intention or incentive to look for beneficiaries, so the assets simply remain abandoned and forgotten, or in the hands of people who have no right to these, or in a provisional situation that extends indefinitely.
What is the value of the assets in my favor?
In general, it is hard for us to determine the exact value of the assets, because many issues may arise, such as taxes, currency exchange, appraisals, etc. But, please get in touch with us and we will give you our closest estimate.
Why can’t you tell me right now which assets are there in my favor?
Before contacting you and letting you know that there might be assets in your favor pending claim, we have been working on your case for a long time. In fact, contacting you is the crowning of a long process that includes expenses, work by professionals or agents in several countries, performing several procedures and a lot of energy and time devoted to the issue. The main result of our work is the information we have worked out. Therefore, if we were to give out this information directly, some people may act in bad faith and try to claim the assets directly, taking advantage of our efforts and investment of time and money. This would spoil our work, and deny us of the economic acknowledgement that we deserve when the information is indeed valuable, as we think it is. This situation would be most unfair, illegal and damaging for other beneficiaries. Thus, we are certain that you will understand our initial caution. We will be very happy to inform you how these assets are made up and where they come from, once we have signed a text that duly guarantees our work, while at the same time it guarantees your full indemnity of risks and expenses, since our proposal is exclusively on results. This policy helps us protect the capital and time invested by our company in tracing you, and allows us to go on doing this to benefit other people.
What is the cost of your services?
Stilman Research does not charge any fees or sums for any reason whatsoever; until you receive your unclaimed assets about whose existence we have informed you. Our fees consist only in a percentage on the amount of the assets you finally get and it is collected simultaneously with you, while you collect your assets. All expenses incurred in the recovery will be borne by us; you will not have disbursed anything at any time.
What is included in your percentage fee?
Our fees include all required expenses, past, present and future, to find the case, trace it, have you become declared legal beneficiary of the assets and finally get them. Further, they cover our own money that we have advanced for legal fees, upkeep of our offices, team, international investigators and genealogists, certificates, legalizations, databases, long distance phone calls and translations, among others. But most of all, our fees are based on informing you of an important benefit in your favor, that you would have otherwise never have known about. We only get the percentage we have agreed and this only when you get your share.
Are there any additional expenses I will have to face?
No. Absolutely none. We are a well-established company and when we contact someone like you we are certain of our success. That is why we take all the risks. We have advanced the necessary money for many expenses and we only get our percentage when you get your assets.
How is it that you are certain of my rights, and that I am not aware of them?
These assets have remained unclaimed for a long time. If you had known about them, it is presumable that you would have presented a claim. But if we are wrong, and you have already presented a claim, then you owe us nothing. . But please keep in mind that we have been conducting a long and conscientious search until we have reached you and that we have properly studied the case. We would not lose our time, money or effort in contacting you, if we were not practically certain that you are the right person. In the remote case that we are wrong regarding your identity, or your rights regarding the assets, you will owe us nothing, nor will you have lost anything.
What happens if for any reason whatsoever I cannot get those assets?
It sometimes happens that due to problems in proving identity, name changes, impossibility of getting certificates or other unforeseeable issues that may arise, it would be impossible to get the assets. Our commitment is to make all efforts to achieve it, overcoming all obstacles that may show up. But, if in the end you cannot get those assets, then, since our fees are based only on results, we will not be paid for any other expense. You will owe us nothing, nor will you have lost anything.
How long may it take till I get the assets?
It may take from a few weeks to some years, depending on the particular circumstances of each case. Although it is impossible to make a general estimate due to the enormous diversity of the cases, the average waiting time is of 12 to 18 months, from the time the beneficiary signs our agreement.
I am not sure whether I really know all the assets that make up an estate I received.
With pleasure we can help you. We are ready to help you if this is your case. We have access to and experience in the search of unclaimed estates for their beneficiaries, whether they are real estate properties, insurance policies, bank accounts, stocks and bonds in different countries of the world. Many steps can be undertaken to find these assets. It will be most helpful if you can give us some guidance regarding countries or institutions related to the deceased.
My father / husband abandoned me many years ago and I never heard again from him. Could you tell me whether he died and what happened to the estate?
Indeed, many times there are rights coming from these situations and if no active search is done, the assets will remain abandoned or in the hands of third parties to whom they do not belong. We can look up the person’s death and search about eventual assets and succession. Should there be any, you have the right to participate in these. If we find that the person is still alive, and you would like to get back in touch, you may do so.

C. Asset holders

How can Stilman Research help my institution?
If your company is going through difficult times trying to locate lost shareholders, owners of abandoned accounts, or other types of legal beneficiaries, your best option is to contract Stilman Research. Stilman Research puts all its experience and standing at your disposal to try and find the disappeared beneficiary or his legal heirs. This way, your institution will also be able to comply with its legal obligations to make all efforts to try and find those beneficiaries. Therefore, our services are most significant for corporations, banks, insurance companies, probate courts, lawyers, State representatives, and managers from different parts of the world, most of all for cases related to Latin America and Europe.
Why can’t we conduct the search ourselves?
Once you acknowledge a shareholder, heir or missing beneficiary’s problem, what should you do? Search him on your own? After two or more years of inactivity, it should be assumed that the beneficiary will not show up unless he is actively searched. This could happen because the owner has died and the legal heirs don’t know about the relation with your company, or because their whereabouts are unknown. In conclusion, one should not be surprised by the fact that for most companies these cases represent an unsolvable difficulty. This is absolutely normal, since the search for beneficiaries is a job that requires professionalism. In fact, the success rate in searches performed by institutions is substantially lower than Stilman Research.
What is the success rate in your search?
Historically, we find more than 85% of the people we look for in a period of less than a year. The rest is on its way! We have powerful reasons to trust that we can find practically all people we are looking for.

D. Reporters of unclaimed assets

What can I gain if I let you know about abandoned assets or estates?
If you, legitimately and without infringing upon any legal or contractual duty, provide us with information on assets unknown to their owners, you may get a percentage on the final result. We propose you to inform us all details on said circumstances, to the best of your knowledge and based on a written agreement. If we decide to carry on the case, we will display our efforts to find the rightful beneficiaries and if we are successful, you will get your share on those assets.


Stilman Research is a Licensed Private Investigative Agency in the State of Florida, pursuant Chapter 493 of the Florida Statutes - License Number A 1500310.