Many individuals and institutions are wealthier than they know. Without knowing, they may own assets or bequests they are unaware of.

In a world of constantly growing international relations, where last will stipulations, trusts and insurance policies proliferate, the belief of what we own may not coincide with reality. More often than you imagine, inheritances hide assets that appear unknown at the beginning. At the same time, many individuals -via the rights they have in certain successions they know of- may be included as heirs of heirs, in the will of someone they may have never known. .

Our company is a pioneer in Latin America regarding identification and tracing of assets whose existence is unknown to its beneficiaries.

Our professionals conduct an exhaustive global search and look for possible securities that otherwise would remain ignored forever.

To furnish new and valuable information on legitimate rights that have so far remained unknown to its beneficiaries is the final goal of our efforts. It is one of our greatest professional satisfactions and the reason for recognition by many of who have received good news from us.

We are committed to the maximum quality standards, so that the beneficiaries get what is due to them by right.

If you consider it possible that a deferred inheritance in your favor may include assets that have not yet been revealed, or that for any other reason there could be rights in your favor, do not hesitate to contact us.


Stilman Research is a Licensed Private Investigative Agency in the State of Florida, pursuant Chapter 493 of the Florida Statutes - License Number A 1500310.