Our company is devoted to tracing rightful owners of assets they are evidently unaware. If we have contacted you it is because according to our research and according to our best knowledge and belief, you are entitled to economic rights about which you are unaware. These assets could come from testamentary or non-testamentary estates, insurance policies, compensations, fiscal refunds, trust funds, etc. Fortunately, we have located you and thus ends the first part of our job. .The second part consists of all the necessary steps to prove this right, claim it and get the assets liberated on your favor. From the time we sign our agreement, according to which you acknowledge a percentage on the amount you will be getting, as a fee for our services, you become our client, and thus, our company is firmly committed to act diligently handling your interests, minimizing waiting time and offering you the best service for your full satisfaction. Do not hesitate to contact us as son as possible, be it for a question, to know the text we propose to sign or even suggest amendments to an item, if you deem it convenient. And most of all, please rest assured that you have nothing to lose. You are not assuming any risks nor are you committed to expenses, advance payments, nor disbursements of any kind. Our proposal fee is a contingency fee... and therefore, you will owe us nothing in the hypothetical case that you will not get any economic compensation in the end. Simply put: No recovery, no fee.

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Stilman Research is a Licensed Private Investigative Agency in the State of Florida, pursuant Chapter 493 of the Florida Statutes - License Number A 1500310.