Through professional genealogists in most of the jurisdictions of Spanish speaking countries and the whole Western Hemisphere, Stilman Research is proud of its long history devoted to heir search and to locating the legal beneficiaries to assets hitherto unknown, arisen from wills, unclaimed insurance policies and several other situations resulting in unclaimed property.

Heir search is our passion and Genealogy, as an auxiliary science to History, is our main tool to which we devote years for solving cases that demand the locate of current beneficiaries of certain assets seemingly abandoned.

Colleagues and attorneys from the rest of the world also hire us in order to search and find heirs in Argentina and other Spanish speaking countries, such as Spain, Chile and Uruguay.

We are pleased for being able to assist every Law Office, Notary or Institution requiring the tracing of absent heirs or the appropriate identification of unknown heirs.


Stilman Research is a Licensed Private Investigative Agency in the State of Florida, pursuant Chapter 493 of the Florida Statutes - License Number A 1500310.